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I have never heard of Untersberg until this week. And its a fascinating story. Its a mountain in Germany, that has a long history. Main of its caves have yet to be explored. A recent expedition reached depths of 1056 meters, before they were forced to turn around. There is also a lake in the mountain with a depth of 930 meters. Picture from inside the mountain.

History buffs should be familiar with the name. Hitler's mountain getaway had a stunning view of the mountain.
Hitler was obsessed with this mountain. He had a telescope pointed directly at the mountain. Here is the telescope.
We have all heard of the stories behind the Bermuda Triangle. Ships, planes, people disappearing right out of thin air. Only to reappear minutes, hours, days later. With no recollection anything has happened. People would disappear for days and reappear with no growth of facial hair, watches still set the same for when they vanished, and usually no idea that they were even missing.

Well many people around Untersberg also experience 'missing time'. There are also reports of little people coming out of the mountain and little people flying aircraft around the mountain.

The most famous of these stories occurred in 1987. Where three people enter the mountain and simply disappeared. No trace was ever found of them, except for there car parked near by. That is until three months later where they called relatives on a ship heading to Egypt. They had no recollection of how they got there.

Once returned to Germany the story changed. They have claimed to have taken a train Villach and then mistaken walked across the border to Yugoslavia. At that time the Yugoslavian border was hundreds of miles away. Their claims were they got afraid they would be caught in Yugoslavia without a passport, so they kept walking. All the way to Egypt?

So they managed to claim that they traveled through 6 countries in three months on foot without passports.

Now on to the history and legends:
  • The Untersberg – called "sleeping dragon" by the Dali Lama. The myths tell about time portals, lost persons and wondrous mountain dwellers like dwarfs. According to a legend, these dwarfs digged out the more than 400 caves in the Untersberg. But this is only one of many speculations about the mountain.
  • It is rumored, that emperor Karl the Great (similar is claimed about Friedrich Barbarossa) sleeps in the mountain in a subterrainian throne room together with his truthful knights and dwarfs for more than a thousand years. He´ll awake to the last battle between Good an Evil, when his beard has grown around his marmor table 3 times and the ravens don´t fly around the mountain peaks anymore.
  • Many legends deal with disappearance. Once, a lost hunter is said to have suddenly appeared to his own mourning service one year after his disappearance. According to another myth, an entire wedding company including the band disappeared in the Untersberg for 100 years.
A 18th century plaque near the mountain states:"Untersberg People" are dwarfs, very ancient, knowledgable about magic, good-hearted but sometimes mischiveous and mean. On their body they have a big head, smart eyes and grey skin.

There are stories from 1529 of elaborate tunnels systems that lead to buildings, temples, fruit trees, and fountains. That are suppose to be there for old souls that have did well in life. Here is a picture of the church which is suppose to lead to these tunnels. This church has a very strong magnetic anomaly to it, and the surroundings. And so does the whole mountain. People that travel to it (only by boat) get sick, because of the strong magnetic force there.

There are many areas that now surround the church that are off limits and have posted no trespassing sings. Odd for being in the middle of now where.

One reason that drew Hilter to this mountain was because of the tunnel systems. The Nazi created some, but many were already there.

There is a story of a hunter from 1738 that went missing at the mountain, only to appear at his funeral. His name was Michael Hulzogger and his disappearance is recorded in the Farmers Almanac for that year. He only confessed what happened to him to one person, and that was Archbishop Firman of Salzburg. The Archbishop quit his position after hearing his confession.

Still to this day there are numerous missing people reports from this area. People just vanish. I think its a cool story that should be shared, because there has been no research done on it. I am just scratching the surface on this, still lots to learn.

thanks to ATS for bringing this to my attention


Florian said...

The untersberg mountain is locatet in Austria, not in Germany

Anonymous said...

Actually it crosses both the Austrian and German border, i know becuase I live in Niederalm at the foot of the Untersberg on the Salzburg side. Theres is something very 'odd' about the mountain for sure!