Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There are baseball gods

Thank freaking god the Sox game did not go extra innings last night. I was at the game and was freezing. So how I lost my gloves by the third inning, and I ate a hot dog that was cooked inside a vending machine that tasted like cardboard. This was the grosses thing I have ever ate and was getting me sick.

If the baseball gods continue to do their work they will have a Dodgers/Sox series. Manny Ramirez will need to come back to Fenway so that he can be booed.

I was the biggest Manny supported out there. But it was obvious that he quit on his teammates. He was sabotaging the Red Sox so that he could get a trade out of Boston. He has had nothing nice to say about the Red Sox fans who idolized him for the last 8 years. He is dead to me.

The Dodgers/Sox series would also be another Boston vs LA battle, just like how the NBA finals was. The only negative aspect will be the 10 o'clock starts on the West Coast. Baseball hates people on the East coast. They no that we aren't fair weather fans and will stay up to watch the games. Unlike the West Coast baseball ball fans who typically leave by the 7th inning.

But I am not looking to far ahead. The Rays are going to be tough. They are playing great baseball for the last couple months. This is probably going to come down to 7 games, but at least these games are going to be on the East Coast.

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