Wednesday, September 3, 2008

People from Iowa can't carry kegs

Iowa--Now this is something I am shocked that The Situation Room on CNN has not picked up on.

Beer kegs have been wreaking havoc with sidewalks in Ames, Iowa - and the city’s solution may leave some bounce in their step, pardon the pun.

The city is installing a rubber sidewalk at a spot near the Iowa State University campus where beer distributors unload hundreds of kegs from trucks for bars in the area.

All those heavy kegs hitting the ground have been cracking the concrete pavement.

So now city officials have decided to install sidewalk pavers that a California company makes using shredded recycled tires instead of concrete.

What a great way to reuse all of those old tires!

In testing the product an official took a sledge hammer to it, and it didn’t even dent.

If only there was video for this. It was probably some 55 year old guy with a suit and a hardhat pretending he was at the State fair.

The sidewalk is using up about 675 tires that otherwise would end up in a landfill.

Maybe Frat houses should contact the city to get those rubber sidewalks installed out front so they can also avoid keg damage.

Now I don't want to call everyone from Iowa a pussy, but they may be. Come on. When I was in college we weren't dropping kegs. We picked them up and brought them to where they needed to be. We weren't tough or strong, we were just determined. If we had to put them in a bag and carry them up 10 flights of stairs, so be it. We did it. Just like how the pyramids were build, we all worked as a team. Kegs should not be dropped so hard that they are breaking concrete.

College kids are way to soft now. I feel like this weekend I should go down to one of the many colleges that surround me and just throw bottles at co-eds, just to toughing these kids up.

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