Friday, September 26, 2008

McMoon: Abandoned McDonalds has lunar tapes

Aaarr matey! Splice the main brace and shiver me timbers. Aye, we seem have have unco'ard a pirate mcdonalds with high resolution images o' the moon Aye, me parrot concurs. Now in English. Some 48,000lbs of 70mm film has been found in a abandoned McDonald's. This footage was shot 40 years as part of the Apollo program when they were trying to find a place to land on the moon.

From the video you can make out one image, this same image can be found on one of my favorite sites The Living Moon.

Here is the picture in the video
Enhanced close up of the picture shows a unnatural structure.
It looks like all these tapes are being turned over to NASA, and they will never be shown to the public. Its really a shame. Some of these videos could hold the key on what is really going on up there.

Props to Zorgon at ATS

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