Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Polish Imp

Slow day, not much happening. You would think with today being what it is, something cool should have happened. Or even another Vince Young break down. The best thing I could find was this video out of Norway of a UFO.
The quality is so poor, I think its just a reflection.

Then I was on coasttocoast browsing the pictures and I saw this one that is suppose to be a forest imp. Sunbathing or something?It gave me the idea to post the Polish Imp video. One of my favorites. I don't think you can find it on youtube or anything else. The only place I know where I can find the video is HERE. Scroll down to number 48. They have a little background on it to.

Ufoinfo-On this date a group of young people, three men and one woman were grilling near their cottage in a wooded area close to Wloclawek. The cottage is fenced and the fence touched the forest in its northern section. The forest separates the cottage from the Vistula River. The area is surrounded by other cottages and gardens. One of the men was lying on a blanket on the grass at about 5meters from the others, at the same time the young woman was filming the event with the video camera in her mobile phone. In one brief instance the image of her friend lying on the blanket appeared on the video, which lasted about 1.5 sec. Minutes later while reviewing the video something bizarre caught her eye. Next to the body of the man on the blanket something seemed to suddenly materialize, it seemed to be a humanoid figure about 70 to 80cm in height which seemed to bend down and touched the man with a sort of wand or rod. No one knows what happened later since the frame moved towards the right and away from the scene. After a while a dog that had been with them and had acted normally went to the location where the many was lying and acted nervously. It growled in the direction where the strange figure had appeared from. At that moment the others present did not connect the dog’s behavior with the strange figure on the video. The woman filming and the others had not seen anything out of the ordinary. Several days later three red spots appeared on the man’s knee, they were placed in the shape of a triangle. According to the man it seemed to hurt like a snake bite. However he stated that he had not felt anything at the time.

Really interesting video. Lets take a look at the stills.And this is what the guy's knee looked like after.
Imps always try and kick you when you are down. Never fall asleep when you have a bunch of Polish watching your back.

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