Friday, September 5, 2008

theLucky NFL Season picks

New England 13-3--They still have the most talent of any team in football. Teams have already adjusted to their pass happy attacks. There will be bumps in the road this year, but still play in a week division.
NY Jets 10-6--Jets went out and acquired a lot of talent in the off season. They underperformed as a team last season. Brett Farve will end up costing them their season at one point.
Buffalo 8-8--Really not much talent here, but they were a team last year that never quit, and that can go a long way. They will be in some games this season that they have no right to be in, and will also get creamed in some as well.
The Fish 5-11--I like Chad Pennington with them. Depending on how fast he picks up the system will depend on how far they can go. They have more talent than the Bills, could over take them.

AFC West
Chargers 11-5--We all know they have good players. But Norv Turner is a bonehead, just like Shawn Merriman. I can't wait until his knee goes "lights out".
Denver 8-8--Mike Shannahan is a good coach, and usually out coaches his opponent. But there is nothing too special here.
Raiders 5-11--Bad team, will be nice to see their young players do something. Its defense will keep games close
Cheifs 2-14-- No matter how hard Herm Edwards shakes his pom poms the Chiefs will still lose.

AFC North
Steelers 10-6--There a good team, but not a great team. Will have to play well with in the division to make the playoffs
Browns 10-6--Do you believe in Derek Anderson? I don't, but they should give the Steelers a run for their money.
Bengals 7-9--I saw a stat yesterday that Chris Henry has a arrest to fumble ratio of 5:1.
Ravens 4-12--These birds aren't flying anywhere this year.

AFC South
Jaguars 12-4--This is the year that they finally get over the hump and take over the Colts as the top dog in this division. By far the best division in football.
Colts 12-4--This is a team of studs and duds. Lots of great play makers and a lot of players that would be on the practice squad of other teams.
Texans 10-6--Lot of talent, will be interesting if they can put it all together and make the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if they come out of this division on top.
Titans 9-7-- Vince Young isn't winning no Superbowl.

NFC East
Dallas 13-3--They have some explosive play makers. If everyone stays health this will be a great team.
Giants10-6--For the first half they looked good last night, and then in the second half Eli looked like the Eli I remembered.
Eagles 8-8--How many games before Donovan gets hurt?
Redskins 5-11--Last night they ran a high school football offense. Every play was a run up the middle.

NFC West
Cardinals 8-8--God, this division sucks. If Kurt Warner doesn't fumble 3 times a game they may be able to win this division.
Seattle 8-8--Seattle missed its window. They may still get into the playoffs, only because the division sucks.
49ers 7-9--They can probably throw some wins together, makes things interesting in the west. But I can't take this team seriously
Rams 6-10--They had so many injuries last year, but it wouldn't have made a difference. They just don't have any depth.

NFC North
Vikings 11-5---Tough D and a good running game. If they only played outside.
Packers 10-6-- Aaron Rodgers is not as bad as people think. There defense may actually be better than the Vikings
Lions 9-7--There defense is going to be better than last year, but the years of drafting receivers with their first picks aren't going to put them on top.
Bears 6-10--The Bears aren't scaring anyone anymore.

NFC South
Saints 9-7--Who knows what Saints team will show up. They could be the team that went 12-4 a few years back, or they can go out and lay a major egg.
Tamps 9-7--This team sneaks up on people. Very boring to watch. Jeff Garcia and his 7 yard passes. Some how they seem to get it done.
Panthers 5-11--There only hope is that they can run the ball.
Falcons 2-14--Matt Ryan and the superfans will need a lot of luck to win four games. There first game is going to be blacked out locally because not enough tickets were sold.


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thank you Chris Berman! Be sure to save this for the end of the season to see how you did!

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Do you actually do work when you are at work?