Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ultimate Conspicary: The destuction of the Death Star was a inside job

So yesterday I got my broken PS3 back from Sony, and I decided to give the new Star Wars game a try. It got me thinking was the Death Star destruction a inside job?
I always like finding out the truth behind things. I find it completely impossible for the Rebel Alliance to destroy the Death Star on their own. There is just no way they could have done it without the help of someone on the inside. This conspiracy has been around for a little while now. There has been videos

And also the site debunking 9/11: Death Star was a inside job

I want to focus more on the Battle of Yavin, which is the battle of when the Death Star blew up.

The Death Star

The Death Star was a battle station the size of the a small moon. It was cutting edge technology that had a formidable array of turbolasers and tractor beam projectors, giving it the firepower of greater than half the Imperial starfleet.

We are suppose to believe that bunch of nerf-herder rebels took down this battle station that had the capability of destroying planets.

Scattered across the Death Star's surface were thousands of weapons emplacements: a total of 10,000 turbolaser batteries, 2,500 laser cannons, 2,500 ion cannons and 768 tractor beam projectors. source
But, manned guns were not firing the day of the attack.

The Death Star carried a crew of 265,675 out of that 52,276 were gunners. source

I would say that the Death Star had about 52,246 more gunners than the rebels had pilots. source

If you watch the first video above right around the first minute mark of that video, you can see explosions inside the Death Star. They are also explosion on the outside of the Death Star. We are suppose to believe that this is cannon fire from the T-65 X-wing fighter.

The Death Star was divided into 24 zones, 12 per hemisphere, each controlled by a "bridge". The Death Star had a total diameter of 120Km. source
The Death Star was divided into many layers so that the damage to one section wouldn't damage others.
In short, it was huge and could take a beating.
The X-wings had four identical Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons. Some of X-wings had Taim & Bak IX4 laser cannons instead. Either of these cannons were used in air to air, or air to ground attacks. For knocking out installations they would use their Krupx MG7 proton torpedo. source
It is impossible for those types of explosions within the Death Star to come from their cannons alone. The only way these types of explosions would have occurred would have been if they were using their torpedoes. Which they wouldn't be using because they needed the torpedoes to shoot them down the thermal exhaust port. This proves one or two things, that there were explosive devices on board, and that it was a controlled demolition. Or that the Dark Side of the force wanted the Death Star blown up. But I think it was both.

The Death Star had a tractor beam. With a estimate of around 30 rebel ships why didn't they just suck them all in. R2D2 was able to deactivate the tractor beam with a turn of his little hand. The Empire had plenty of R2 units available on the Death Star, one of them should have been able to located the problem and reactivate the tractor beam. If they didn't want to suck all the ships into the Death Star, they could have still used the tractor beam to make shooting the rebel's X-wings easier.
sourceChain of Command

Vader was defiantly number #2 in command behind the Emporor. Anyone that questioned his ruling was choked to death. Anyone that had any sense of knowledge of the coverup was elimatated. Number #3 in command was Grand Moff Tarkin.
At his command were 7,200 starfighters, four strike cruisers, 3,600 assault shuttles. source
But yet he only sent out a handful of TIE fighters. TIE fighters are grouped into into something called "wings", which is a squadron of 72 fighters. source
Why did Tarkin only send out maybe one or two wings to combat the rebels? Was he following orders? Or did he really thought the rebels attack was futile?

Darth Vader

Why was Grand Moff Tarkin in control of the all of the Death Stars resources? Because Vader decided he needed to personally pilot a TIE fighter. This is a crazy thought. Why would second in command of the Imperial Army do such a thing. Its because he was in on it.

Darth Vader could have probably taken down most of the X-wing fighters on his own. He was the most talented pilot in the sky that day. He was also extremely competitive, and did not like to lose. source

When compared against his competition, Luke Skywalker, it was a battle of mice vs men. Skywalker's only flying experience came with flying T-16 Skyhoppers. The T-16's only had a flying ceiling of only 300Km, and had no weapons. source

There is no comparing from flying on moisture farms on the Outer Rim to a intergalactic space battle with the Imperial Army.

Then why did Vader who had Luke Skywalker in his sights and fire two shots, and miss? If Vader wanted to shoot down Skywalker's fighter he could have.He could have also avoided his wingman from crashing into him, which sent him spinning out of control. But this was all part of the plan. Vader needed a excuse to fly off into space. So he merely faked a crash in order to get as far away from the soon to be exploding death star.

Luke and the Single Missile theory

As the story goes, Luke took down the Death Star with a pair of proton torpedo. How in the hell can a pair of proton torpedoes destroy something that is the size of a small moon? A torpedo is not the Death Star.
Luke claims he could "bullseye womp rats with sun blasts". Womp rats were 2-3 meters in length and traveled in packs of around 20. source
Because of their large length and pack size you can probably be blindfolded and still "bullseye" a womp rat. Shooting one of these is not like shooting lice off someones head.

Shooting a proton torpedo into the Death Star thermal exhaust is suppose to be a impossible shot. Instead of using his guidance system, Luke decides to shut it off and "uses the force".
Luke only recently started training in the force, and was not that skilled in it. He wasn't even a Jedi.
So we are suppose to believe that the force helped Luke target the shot. But how did the proton torpedo bend into the exhaust port? Was the force use to bend the torpedoes shot as well?
Proton torpedo are design to fly straight, they have no mechanism in which they can turn. source

Could it be that Vader who is a lot more skilled in the force, not only guided the torpedo but made it take a sharp turn into the exhaust port? This could have been why he purposely missed his chance to take out Skywalker. Because he needed Skywalker to shoot the proton torpedo so that Vader, not Skywalker could use the force to blow up the Death Star.
Why did Vader do it? Because him and Emperor wanted to collect insurance on the Death Star. This gave them a perfect reason to build a new and better Death Star. It was also very convenient that the Emperor wasn't on the Death Star at the time of the explosion.

Only a few months after the Death Star blew up, the Empire attacked the planet of Hoth. They claim that they were searching for the rebels on Hoth. But in reality the Empire wanted Hoth's vast deposits of rocks and minerals. source

This also gave more time for Vader to convince his son to convert to the Dark Side. Vader knew that the Emperor was getting old, and some day he would be number one in command. Vader ultimate goal was to have him and his son as the ruling body of the universe.


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