Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Headline of the day

I have a friend that lives in Chandler, AZ. Since this is a freaking bizarre ass story I wonder if he has heard about this? But then the answer donned on me, no way.

He doesn't even leave his place. I wonder if his neighbors think of him? He lives in the desert, but dresses like the unabomber. Not because he is in to bomb making, but just because his skin sizzles when the sun hits it. Like a vampire. No one can see into his place because the shades are shut all the time. And this is for a reason. Its to hide his playstation addiction.

But there is nothing wrong with that. I just got my playstation coffin yesterday. Along with finding out that Tom Brady is out for the year, I also had to packed up my PS3 and sent it off to the Sony Gods to try and fix it. Talk about a bad day.

But I guess it could have been worse, I could have been sneezing bullets.



friendinME said...

In the future, if you get something from my site (I personally scanned this, so, I know it is unique to my site), I'd appreciate credit and a link. Thanks! glad you liked the post.

theLucky said...

My bad, I usually give props when I pull something not from google.