Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Donkey Show

I remember when I first went to Tijuana. I was 18 and looking for trouble. All I wanted to see was a donkey show. I never got to see one, and I am sort-of glad. Something like that could have been traumatize for me at such a young age. But it probably still would have been cool.

But this poor lady didn't get humped by a donkey, but by her own cow instead. Right in the middle of the street. The donkey acted like how I would have acted if I saw this, he fell over laughing.

Yes, the pictures are hilarious but the quote from the lady is even better.

Daily Mail---Rositza, from the village of Krustatitsa in Bulgaria, said: "My cow has never done such a thing before and has left me battered and bruised.

Look at the donkey, what an ass!
She was ended up fine. First time she had that type of smile in years.

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