Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dude with Jet Pack plans on flying over the English Channel

I saw this on the morning news this morning. They said it was suppose to happen in 90 minutes from the time I was watching it, but I guess it got postponed. I give it 2:1 odds that he crashes.

LONDON, England (AP) -- Swiss pilot Yves Rossy has been forced to postpone his attempt to cross the English Channel strapped to a homemade jet-propelled wing.

Yves Rossy is shown in flight last May over the Swiss Alps.

Yves Rossy is shown in flight last May over the Swiss Alps.

Poor weather conditions Thursday means he will try again Friday.

Rossy will leap from a plane more than 2,500 meters (2,700 yards) off the ground, fire up his jets and try to make the 35-kilometer (22-mile) from Calais in France to Dover in England in about 12 minutes, according to a statement put out by his organizers.

In his first public demonstration of the device in May, Rossy turned figure-eights high above the Alps, performing fluid loops from one side of the Rhone valley to the other.

At least this guy flying over the channel will let me post some flying humanoid videos. These are great pieces of evidence.

Could these be man made human flying devices like this one that was created in the 60's?

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