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"Why don't you tell us the truth about JFK?"

Ok, why not. I had this PDF file on my hard drive for a while. I forgot actually when I downloaded it. It is a presentation done by Wim Dankbaar a few years back. And this is his work. I never really got into the JFK assignation thing. I was more into JFK knowledge of UFOs and what Marilyn Monroe knew to get her murdered. But, I think Mr. Dankbaar does a good job summing everything up.

I have only cut and paste this thing on this site. If there is a way to link a PDF file or paste it in its entirety than I have no idea how to do it. There are many pictures and some documents in the PDF file that don't show up here. For example page 2 and 9 are all pictures, and on page 5 the is a document that shows George Bush Sr did work for the CIA before he said he did. And many of the pictures are important for the story. They show that Oswald was not some kook with a gun, but a normal family guy, that thought he was helping his country. I am not even breaking everything up into paragraphs, but if someone wants a copy of the PDF I will send it to them. Just contact me.

Like I said this is not my work, but I will interject a video that I think is important. Here is a video of the beginning of the the Dallas motorcade. Just like in every Presidential motorcade the secret service runs along side of the presidents car. Well in this video you can see the secret service start to run along side Kennedy's car, and is then told to stand down. Look at the reaction by the secret service. Remember if you want me to sent you this file I will.

JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
JFK: The Whole Truth
Translated from Dutch by HardToGet for ATS May 3, 2006
Wim Dankbaar
Presentation held at the Frontier Symposium
Hotel Krasnapolsky , Amsterdam, 13 november 2005
The Dallas Motorcade
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am priviliged to enlighten you today about the Kennedy assassination, and so I shall. Judging from the size of the documentation I have here you may understand that I will not be able to share all of the evidence with you during this presentation. Alas it turned out to be a rather complex and wide spread conspiracy. I assume you would like to know who did it? We can straight away divide that question into two questions. Which one would you like answered? Who the shooters were or who gave the orders? By all means, those were two different parties.
The shooters, I can name those for you. At least two of them. Because there were more than two. But the two I know of supported by facts were Charles Nicoletti and James Files. Who were they? They both worked for Mafia boss Sam Giancana of Chicago, but also were assets of the CIA. Contract agents for dirty jobs. And their boss, Sam Giancana did a lot of business with the CIA in those days. James Files fired the fatal headshot from the now famous Grassy Knoll. Charles Nicoletti was the best hitman Giancana had, and James Files was the driver and bodyguard of Charles Nicoletti. Files has made a full confession, which you can judge for yourself in the book. Details are posted on the website. Therefore I will not go in depth into that subject today. What I will do is take you back to Dallas where Kennedy was killed in broad daylight on Dealey Plaza. Let´s start with a fragment I will show you of James Files´ confession and parts of the Zapruder film. It all starts with FBI agent Zack Shelton.
(Video presentation followed)
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
Charles Nicoletti James Files, 1963, photo taken by Lee Harvey Oswald
James Files, 1989 James Files, 1994
Sam Giancana
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
I will spend the rest of this presentation on the involvement of George Bush in this conspiracy. And if I say George Bush I mean Bush Senior. George Herbert Walker Bush, father of the current President of the United States of America. You may have never heard this before, but I can assure you that he is involved in this up to his neck. The truth of the matter is such that the murder of Kennedy was no more than a vulgar Coup d´Etat. What happened during this Coup? The individuals behind it seized power and took over the government. These same individuals also created and wrote all history about this Coup d´Etat.
At this point I would like to add some reflections on the subject of Truth. Truth itself is absolute. Something is true or it is not. There are no grey areas here. But knowing the truth and accepting the truth are two different things all together. The same goes for a lie. Acceptance of both truth and lie depends on many variables. It depends on what subject the truth pertains to, if it is not too schocking for instance. Furthermore it depends on who brings you the message of truth, where it is told, how it is told, when it is told, how many times it is told and through which channels it is being relayed to you.
For instance, there is a big difference if I tell you this story, or someone like Peter R. de Vries1 telling you. The authority and celebrity of the messenger certainly have an effect on acceptance of the message. The same way we can see that Bush as President can sell a war to the world using lies. Adolf Hitler once said the bigger the lie, the easier it will be accepted, especially when repeated over and over again. And as we now know, Hitler told many lies which where accepted as truth at the time, with profound consequences.
There used to be a time when the earth was flat as a pancake. And the first man who stood up and said that the world was round encountered some resistance to say the least. I can tell you, sometimes I feel exactly like this man did. Still I am going to tell you that the earth is round, and not flat, and I would like for you to keep these reflections in mind when judging my presentation. I am going to tell you something which you very likely never have heard before. This does not mean that it is not true. On the contrary, you can verify this presentation as fact for yourself. Let´s go to George Bush and Luis Posada Carriles. Who is Luis Posada Carriles?
Luis Posada Carriles is a Cuban who is in the news at this moment. He has just asked for political asylum in the United States. He has been an anti-Castro activist since the Bay of Pigs invasion and to this day on the CIA payroll. His life goal is to kill Fidel Castro and he has tried to do so for many, many years. These are all undisputed and known facts. You may know that the Bay of Pigs invasion was orchestrated by the CIA. The architects for this plan at the time were CIA Director Alan Dulles and Vice President Richard Nixon.
Luis Posada Carriles then…. and now Allen Dulles Richard Nixon
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
But what you probably do not know is that Richard Nixon was created by Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current President. Prescott was the one who convinced his golf buddy Eisenhower to run for office and use Prescott´s servant Nixon as his running mate. This was the same power structure later to be seen in the Reagan/Bush Presidency. The President did the speeches, made the jokes, was the front man and the communicator, but the real important issues were dealt with by the Vice President. This was fine by Eisenhower who really preferred golf over politics. In this power structure Nixon called the shots under President Eisenhower, and Nixon did not do anything without consulting Prescott Bush and his up and coming son, George. Please note that both Prescott and George Bush were more than close friends with CIA Director Allen Dulles.
Prescott Bush with Dwight Eisenhower
Prescott Bush with Nixon George H.W. Bush with Eisenhower
Contrary to his own sworn statements, George Herbert Walker Bush was an undercover asset to the CIA since the fifties. We can provide documented proof of this. As such, he helped Nixon and Dulles planning the Bay of Pigs because Castro had turned out to be a communist and friendly towards Russia. On top of that Castro had annexed and nationalised major American corporations located in Cuba like United Fruit, Coca Cola, Texaco and even Zapata Petroleum owned by the Bush family. To make matters worse, Castro had booted the Mafia out of Cuba, along with their very profitable casino´s, brothels and hotels.
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
I present to you this interesting document which was (probably accidentally) declassified by the FBI in 1988. As you can see it is written by FBI Director Hoover, seven days after the Kennedy assassination. It pertains to the reaction of Cuban exiles, a section Bush was appearantly in charge of. In the last paragraph it is written that the information was passed on to “George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency”. Now you should know that Bush has always denied working for the CIA before the time he became CIA Director 1976. He even swore to this under oath. That in itself is not very trustworthy, but if you had any doubts, this official document proves beyond any doubt that George Bush did indeed work for the CIA before 1976.
FBI document by John Edgar Hoover dated November 29, 1963
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
Naturally Nixon was supposed to take office after Eisenhower. Bush I, II and Nixon were already communicating to their partners that they would take care of the Cuban issue once Nixon would be President. Prescott Bush was a fundraiser for Nixon's campaign against Kennedy.
Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford
The 1960 GOP nominees were Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge, jr. with in the wings Congressman Gerald Ford, who would later became President himself after Watergate in 1974. The fact that John Kennedy became President instead of Nixon in 1960 was a very sour grape to say the least. One of the tactics Kennedy used was to lobby through Joseph P. Kennedy (father) with the Mafia in Chicago, promising Sam Giancana a “Carte Blanche” in Illinois if his son would win that state. And so Kennedy won in Illinois. Just enough to swing the Presidency towards the Kennedys. But the Kennedys did not keep the promise made to Sam Giancana. On the contrary, they did exactly the opposite by coming down harder than ever on the mob headed by Robert Kennedy as newly appointed Attorney General. You can imagine the Mafia was a bit upset to say they least. Still JFK approved the Bay of Pigs Invasion scenario. This initiated the formation of Operation 40 in the early sixties, in which George Bush participated. Operation 40 was an ultra secret CIA-team of operatives (read: terrorists) with the sole purpose to eliminate Fidel Castro.
Joseph Kennedy John Kennedy Robert Kennedy
Operation 40 mainly consists of Cuban exiles. Amongs them also Luis Posada Carriles. A few other names are Felix Rodriguez, Orlando Bosch en Guillermo Novo. A remarkable fact is that Watergate burglars Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez and Eugenio Martinez were all part of Operation 40, all of them Cubans. The team leader of the Watergate crew was Howard Hunt, also an Operation 40 supervisor together with one David Atlee Phillips. Hunt and Phillips where both CIA with covert operations experience. They had planned the Guatamala Coup back in 1954 toether, and Phillips also planned the Coup in Chili. (Allende/Pinochet) All that is well known and again undisputed. What is not known is that they were also responsible for planning the Kennedy assassination. David Atlee was the direct supervisor of Lee Harvey Oswald and James Files, one the alleged and the other the real killer of JFK.
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
Luis Posada Carriles and Felix Rodriguez, CIA trainees
Felix Rodriguez Orlando Bosch Guillermo Novo Frank Sturgis
Are you aware that one George Demohrenschildt was Lee Harvey Oswald´s best friend in Dallas? Maybe you do remember because our very own Willem Oltmans2 has interviewed him on the subject. Demohrenschildt wanted to share his knowledge about the Kennedy assassination but he died suddenly in 1977 (suicide). What you most likely do not know is that this Demohrenschildt was a spy for the Nazis during WWII and was a close and personal friend of George Bush . Both facts are documented. How about some more facts? After Oswald was killed by Ruby, it was another friend of Bush who almost immediatly provided a Russian translator for Oswald´s widow Marina. On more thing to note is that Prescott Bush did not make the bulk of his fortune in oil, but by financing Hitler before and during WWII. In 1942 his Union Banking Corporation was even seized under the so called "Trading with the Enemy Act." Again, all verifiable documented facts.
Prescott Bush was one of Hitler´s financers
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
George Demohrenschildt David Atlee Phillips
Back to David Atlee Phillips. CIA expert in propaganda and Special Operations. Phillips, George Bush and George Demohrenschildt were all members of the Dallas Petroleum Club. It was Phillips who instructed Lee Harvey Oswald (who was a CIA asset himself) that there was a plan to assassinate Kennedy, and that Oswald´s task was to infiltrate, inform and thus prevent the assassination. Oswald´s information was never used. You may see the irony of all this. Oswald thought he was being a hero, not knowing he was being set up to be the fall guy. Only at the moment of the assassination itself did he realise this. "I am just a patsy". So this is the only reason Lee Harvey Oswald was at the right place at the right time. That is also the reason why he was cooperating. Speaking for Lee Harvey Oswald here, because he can no longer do so for himself: Lee Harvey Oswald was a hero, period. Entirely the opposite what the world was told. I find it important to mention that he told his girlfriend he wished to stay undercover in the conspiracy group. Yes, Oswald did have a girlfriend in New York called Judyth Baker who spoke up five years ago after more than thirty-eight years of silence. A shocking story, also available on film. If you would like to know what Oswald really was like, see the film. His girlfriend begged him to abandon his undercover work, but Oswald refused saying “No, I´m staying because then there is one less bullet aimed at Kennedy.”
Judyth Baker then…… and now Page 8 of 15
JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
The real Lee Harvey Oswald
“I am just a patsy” Jack Ruby: Giancana orders
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
About David Atlee Philips and Howard Hunt. Their supervisor was one Ted Shackley. Shackley was in charge of all anti-Castro operations. He was later involved in the largest undercover assassination program in Vietnam called Operation Phoenix. One of the individuals who worked under Shackley is the current CIA Director Porter Gross. Ted Shackley was close with Bush, who made Shackly Vice Director of the CIA in 1976. And who appointed George Bush himself Director of the CIA in that year? President Gerald Ford. Ford also pardons Nixon for the Watergate scandal, mainly to avoid a more thorough investigation linking Watergate back to the Kennedy assassination. It is back-to-back and wall-to-wall cover ups! All the more so if I show you that both Ford and Dulles were part of the Warren Commission. And who appointed the Warren Commission? Texas´ puppet and turned Kennedy enemy Lyndon B. Johnson, who most likely would have gone to jail over the Bobby Baker scandal if Kennedy had remained in office. The Baker hearings were promptly dismissed after Kennedy was shot. Who fed and validated the evidence to the Warren Commission? Lyndon B. Johnson´s close friend and neighbour J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director and possibly an even bigger Kennedy enemy. Kennedy had put that brat Bobby in command over Hoover, and it was a public secret that Hoover would be forced to retire once Kennedy was re-elected. Furthermore Robert Kennedy was to head the CIA as well during JFK´s second term. Hoover had always strongly denied the existance of organized crime in America, not only because he was connected, but also because the mob had some very private pictures of Hoover and his second partner, Clyde Tolson. Hoover covertly was a homosexual, which in those days was unthinkable for someone in office.
David Atlee Phillips Howard Hunt Ted Shackley
Lyndon B. Johnson J. Edgar Hoover
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
George H.W. Bush is very close with Cuban Operation 40 members Orlando Bosch and Felix Rodriguez. In 1967 Felix Rodriguez headed the team that killed Che Guevara in Bolivia. Together with Luis Posada Carriles he is to play a key role in the Iran-Contra issue in the eighties. You know, Oliver North, illegal weapon supplies financed with cocaine money. That one too was covered up nicely. There too Felix Rodriguez reports directly to George Bush, by then Vice President of the United States.
George H.W. Bush and Felix Rodriguez meeting in the White House
Felix Rodriguez capturing Che Guevara
Another team would be Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles. They have a history together of an average of five attacks a year against the Castro regime. In 1976 however, while supervised by George Bush and Ted Shackley, they are arrested. Why? For blowing up a Cuban airliner, killing all seventy-three passengers. We can safely conclude this can be termed a terrorist attack. Also that year their Operation 40 buddy Guillermo Novo is convicted for the murder of a diplomat from Chili. His car explodes in the streets of Washington. After some classic CIA evidence distortion he wins his appeal and is acquitted.
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
Guillermo Novo Acquitted with CIA help
But Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles cannot be sprung. They are tried in Venezuela and convicted to life in prison. Nine years later, in 1985, Posada manages to escape with CIA assistance. A few days later he pops up in El Salvador with his buddy Felix Rodriguez to assist him with the Iran-Contra operation. Their aliases are designated Ramon Medina en Max Gomez. On the small Llopango airfield planes with weapons are discharged, and sent back to the States filled up to the brim with Cocaine. This way the American taxpayer need not feel the burden! This operation is controlled by George Bush as well, by then Vice President. Orlando Bosch is released by Venezuela in 1987 because of mounting diplomatic pressure by Jeb Bush and the U.S. Ambassador Otto Reich in Venezuela. Reich became Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell. Back in Miami Orlando Bosch receives a Presidential pardon by Bush, almost immediatly after Bush takes office.
Orlando Bosch Otto Reich Jeb Bush
Bosch keeps a low profile, but Luis Posada and Guillermo Novo can´t sit still. They are arrested in Panama along with two aides for another assassination attempt aimed at Castro.That was in 2000. Before Fidel Castro was scheduled to speak at a Latin-American summit they were caught red handed with bags full of explosives. Would they have pulled it off, they would not only have killed Castro, but several hundreds of innocent bystanders. All four are convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison.
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
Back in 2003 I wrote an article of which I would like to quote the following related to the above:”But beware, Washington is working around the clock to get them released. George W. wants Castro gone as well, that was even mentioned in the media. I´m surprised he is not threatening to invade Panama like he would like to do with the Netherlands if the International Court in The Hague goes ahead and judge Americans over there. But why is there NOTHING about the Panama trial in the mainstream media?” End of quote.
I could almost proclaim I possess the power of foresight, because what has happened since then? All four of these terrorists have been pardoned by the parting Panaminian Presidente. Pressure from Washington has been denied by both Panama and the White House. Remarkably, Fidel Castro has stated in the media that the Bush Administration has paid the neat sum of four million dollars in slush funds to get the four out of Panama. Say what you will about Fidel Castro, he has the best intelligence eyes and ears in the world. That is the only reason he is alive today.
To conclude this, three of these four individuals were flown directly to Miami, where they were hailed as freedom fighters. Only Luis Posada is still wanted by Venezuela to finish his sentence for the Cuban airliner hit. He had no choice but going into hiding.
Fidel Castro holding a photo of Luis Posada Carriles
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
During spring of 2005 Luis Posada Carriles suddenly pops up in Miami, asking for political asylum. How Carriles made it through a Homeland Security secured border no one knows, but the Federal Government did not respond until the moment that Fidel Castro and Chavez in Venezuela started to create an international scandal about it, leaving Bush no choice but to arrest Posada Carriles. Our very own Gerard Arninkhof3 was anchoring the NOS Journaal4 that day, reporting that this case was rather delicate because of the fact that Luis Posada was a known CIA agent. Ever since that broadcast the story has vanished from the media, but I can tell you that as we speak the United States have denied Venezuela´s extradition request. The reason for refusing to deport Posada to Venezuela being that “Posada might run the risk of being tortured in Venezuela”, even though Posada was never tortured during the nine years he spent in a Venezuelian jail cell.
Posada has openly threathened that if he were to be deported to Venezuela, he would be forced to disclose information which could comprimise the United States. The question is why the Bush administration insists on protecting this known terrorist? I am one of the few persons (Beside the Bushes) who can tell you the answer today, and I would like the world to know: Luis Posada Carriles knows every single detail of the Kennedy assassination. He was there on Dealey Plaza on that dark day in history. Posada has inside information about the Dallas hit because more than likely he was one of the shooters. Others who were on Dealey Plaza that day include Orlando Bosch, Guillermo Novo, Frank Sturgis, Howard Hunt, David Atlee Phillips. All members of Operation 40, and Operation 40 was created by Allen Dulles, Richard Nixon and George Bush. This is the big secret that must remain secret.
I hope you can see this story is not a simple one which can be explained in a few sentences. It is not just about solving a murder case, but rather about exposing political corruption of gigantic proportions in the United States, especially at the top. And that is a direct threat to freedom and the integrity of democracy. This concerns us all. Read the documentation. At least now you understand why Nixon told Haldeman that if Howard Hunt would talk, he would "blow the whole Bay of Pigs thing wide open”. As Haldeman writes in his biography "The Ends of Power", Nixon clearly meant the Kennedy assassination.
Richard Nixon and Bob Haldeman
To simplify: if you wish a short answer to the question who gave the order then I say: The same individuals who tried to kill Fidel Castro and wanted Cuba back. The same individuals who yell the loudest that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut assassin. And who were these individuals? Part CIA, part Texan industrials, especially in oil and weapons, part Cuban exiles and part Mafia. All of these groups are often presented as separate entities. Or as separate suspects. The truth of the matter is that all these groups deliberatly worked together to kill Castro and get Cuba back. It is documented that the CIA called upon the Mafia: Sam Giancana in Chicago, Carlos Marcello in New Orleans and Santo Trafficante in Florida. They all had a very clear interest in this matter.
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JFK: The Whole Truth About The Kennedy Assassination
And what about the Bush family? They represent all these interests: anti-Castro, Oil, CIA, Weapons, and partly Mafia. And Kennedy was in the way. Kennedy wanted to end their power. They blamed Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs fiasco because at the last minute he did not send bombers to wipeout Castro´s defenses. So the entire invasion army was hacked to bits or captured. Kennedy was openly called a traitor for this. To make things worse he fires the CIA top brass: Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, and General Cabell, whose brother was the Mayor of Dallas at the time, responsible for the Presidential Motorcade route and security in Dallas.
Three generations Bush
Furthermore you need to think about Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George Bush himself and their friends in Texas, CIA and the Mafia. My side of this story kills the reputation of four former Presidents, that might give you an indication what interests are at stake here, and why it is of the utmost importance that those in power stick to their original story, even though hardly no one believes that version anymore today.
That´s it for now, if you wish please study the book or visit the website which is:
Thank you very much.
Wim Dankbaar.
1 Peter R. de Vries is a leading criminal investigation journalist in the Netherlands.
2 Willem Oltmans, renowned dutch journalist and dissident (1925-2004)
3 Gerard Arninkhof is a prime time anchor for dutch national news
4 N.O.S. Journaal translates to Nederlandse Omroep Stichting meaning Dutch Broadcasting News
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Anonymous said...

He makes some interesting points. Certainly great food for thought. Don't think it had much to do with getting Cuba back, by that time Cuba was totally lost after the crisis of 62 and EVERYONE in Washington knew that.

So Mr Luckyman, do you have any thoughts of your own? Or will you continue to take conspiracy theories from other writers and post them on your blog as if they are your own?

theLucky said...

Ah, I really hate leaving comments in the comment section. Usually try and butt out from it. But since this was a post from question someone left in the a comment section, I will add this.

The first 3 paragraphs states that this was from Mr. Dankbaar's lecture, and that I was not really into this subject. But its interesting, and something that I thought people would enjoy.

If you would like my opinion I think JFK was well aware of the majestic 12 documents, and was about to blow the lid off them. Not only that but JFK wanted to create a joint US and Soviet space and lunar exploration program. The purpose for that was when UFOs buzz over military sites they don't think its each other doing covert operations trying to gather intelligence.

Professor Lawerence Merrick who has a unknown source said he was able to see the notes from JFK speech that he was suppose to give that day in Dallas.The notes were kept in a safety desposit box of Texas governer John Connally, once Connally died the notes came available to this unknown source. JFK speech that day was suppose to being as "Citizens of Earth, we are not alone"

As you can see, my theories are pretty far out there, and I really can't put enough evidence together to form anything creditable. I think MR. Dankbaar did a great job connecting the dots, and his reasoning is much more logically than mine. But thats just my $.02

Anonymous said...

you have nothing to do at work