Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's Suck

You want to know what my problem is? I don't sleep enough on the weekends. Weekends are a great time to sleep in, but I don't. I stay up late and wake up a few hours later, it sucks. I also drink WAY too many beers on Sunday now. How can I not, its football season. But I should start putting a cap on the number of beers. In a day and a half I filled up a whole recycling bin or empties by myself. The good news is that I totally get disgusted by my actions and don't want to see another beer until about 4:30 on Friday.

So I feel like crap today because I didn't sleep enough and I drank too much. Someone who is having a worse Monday than me, is Bill Belichick. I have never seen Belicheck team get more out coached than yesterday. And it was done by first year head coach Tony Soprano. All Miami did was run two plays, and the Patriots couldn't stop them. They ran the flag football play. Which is hiking it to your best player, and having him fake a handoff then putting the ball underneath his shirt and then running for a touchdown. I think they scored five times on this play. And when they weren't running that play, they had their receivers go deep and Pennington would just dump it off over the middle to the tight end or back. These two plays worked every time, it was a disgusting game to watch. It was like a real life Madden glitch.

Which sort of ruined my weekend, because I had a nice day with my mom on Saturday. She came into the city (which is always a adventure for her) and we went the the Phantom Gourmet food festival. This was just a display of gluttony. All you do is just eat and eat. By the end I was just taking a bite out of food samples and throwing the rest away. Probably next year I will go with friends, since in between filling your tummies you can chill in the bars until the next round of food.

The one thing that I don't understand is how serious people take this Phantom crap. I would say about a third of the crowd was dressed in Phantom apparel. Its a fun day and all, but the Phantom Gourmet is just a local TV show, no reason to start dressing in all purple.


Anonymous said...

I know people who do the dish to drive for every weekend. In other words they watch the show, and then drive to whatever restaurant the phantom tells you should go.

Anonymous said...

Is your mother hot?