Saturday, September 13, 2008


BOSTON -- A lizard that is at least 4 feet long is on the loose in a Salisbury neighborhood.
Environmental, local and state police with a K-9 unit are searching for the Nile monitor lizard in the area of Elm Street. The lizard is not poisonous, but can bite.
Police already seized a Savanna lizard from the home at 37 Elm St., where the other lizard escaped. That lizard was taken to Rainforest Reptile in Beverly, as officials continue to search for the larger lizard.

Both types of lizards are illegal to keep as pets in Massachusetts. The homeowners, Frank and Calandra Pinette, are each being charged with one count of importation of illegal wildlife.
Nile monitor lizards are usually found in western and central Africa and can grow up to 6 feet

This is serious folks a giant lizard is loose in the Boston Burbs. I'm in lock down mode. Because lizards not only want to eat you alive, but they will want to eat your genitals first. We can only hope that there is only one of these guys on the loose, because they are defiantly into the gang bang eating style.

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