Saturday, September 13, 2008

You come home and find a dead squirrel in your pool, that's nothing.

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. -- A Winter Garden woman came home Friday to find a sunken SUV carrying two dead people in her backyard swimming pool, according to the Winter Garden Police Department.
The homeowner came home at about 2 p.m. to take her dog out and noticed a statue in her patio was missing, and that's when she discovered the SUV in the pool.

It is unknown how the vehicle originally plunged into the pool located at 849 Home Grove Drive.
The two adults, Rafael Cabrera, 67, and Adela Esposito, 87, in the SUV are dead, according to the Winter Garden Police Department.

The victims were on their way to the house next door where Cabrera's wife was babysitting.
Cabrera has preexisting medical conditions. Inveestigators said he drove up Dashwood Court, up the driveway and into the pool.

There are no skid marks on the road near the woman's home and no signs of speeding before the SUV crashed into the pool screen, according to the Winter Garden Police Department.

Rescue crews began the process of extracting the car and victims from the swimming pool at around 4:30 p.m.

Having a pool growing up I found lots of dead things in my pool: mice, frogs, snakes, moles, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. After a high school party I once found all of my patio furniture and some of my family room furniture in my pool, that was pretty disturbing. But imagine coming home and finding a car with two dead people in your pool. Think of the size of the skimmer you will need to fish them out. And its a pool, not the Mariana Trench why didn't they just get out? Because their old.

Its very tragic that two people had to die, but when are the laws going to change to have senior citizens not allowed to drive. Specially ones with a medical condition. We all seen them on the roads. Old people that can hardly see over the steering wheel, and driving well below the speed limit.

I purpose that when people hit 70 (maybe even 65) they need to take a driving test every two years. I don't think that this is too ridiculous. Rhode Island requires this, but they only make them take the vision test. Illinois requires drivers to take road test when they are over the age 75 when their license is up for renewal. And a couple of other states have stopped mail-in renewals for old drivers. But I don't think this is enough. Old drivers is one of the many reasons why I am afraid of driving and being in cars.

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