Monday, September 15, 2008

WTF is this?

Monster Could be Lurking in Connecticut Lake

NBC -- Is there a mysterious creature living in a West Hartford, Connecticut reservoir?

Barbara Blanchfield was taking a few snapshots last Friday when something took her by surprise.

The photos she took depict something just below the surface of the water that appears to have spikes.

"When I saw the tail part of it, which looked ancient the way the spikes are, I just said, "Oh my God, I think I got something here," she said.

Blanchfield showed the photos to officials with the Metropolitan District Commission, who are now working with their wildlife and patrol department to determine what is in the water.

Officials said the reservoir does not hold drinking water, so there is no cause for concern about contamination.

Interesting photos and video. My first thought was this looks like the Van Lake monster video.

I was never to sure of the authenticity of the Van Lake footage, but it sort of looks the same.

I really find it hard to believe that there is something cryptid living in a Connecticut reservoir. I think its more likely to be a couple things. First maybe a escape crocodile. There has been plenty of rogue gators on the loose this summer, why not a croc.

This could be a huge alligator snapping turtle. Back about 20 years ago I was fishing in a small pond in New York, where I saw the largest snapping turtle in my life. It was the size of a giant sea turtle and it scared the bejesus out of me, since it was floating in some duck weed about ten feet from me. Luckily for me, he freaked out too, and took off.

But my gut is leaning more towards a falling tree or stump. Trees that sink to the bottom occasionally resurface, and the years of being on the lake bottom will give branches and roots a smooth surface. Currents can push them along, and give them the appearance of swimming.

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