Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School needs new form of punishment

Rocky Mountain News-An elementary school principal has apologized for making students look inside a bag of human feces and urine.

Peyton Elementary Principal Michael Auclaire says he wanted to make a point to the students because someone had been leaving human waste on the floor and toilet seats in a girl's lavatory.

Some parents complained Auclaire's actions were inappropriate and created a health risk.

Auclaire says he has apologized in person to the students and by letter to their parents. He says he realizes it was "not the best thing to do."

Auclaire says the students were given janitorial gloves to wear before holding the bag and were told to wash their hands afterward.

The incident took place Monday and Auclaire apologized Tuesday.

My dad use to tell me stories back in Catholic School the nuns use to hit him with rulers when he was bad. Now that was some good punishment. When I was in school we just had detention where you stay after school. But when did staring at a bag of crap become a form of punishment? It sounds like punishment for your dog. Because everyone knows when your dog shits on the rug you rub its nose in it. Like that is suppose stop your dog from crapping on the floor. Seems like this principal has a burning bag of crap waiting for him on his doorstep when he gets home.


Anonymous said...

One of my students got caught writing on the wall of the girls bathroom with her feces. She had to go to serious therapy, but she wasn't punished because she was clearly effed up.

Anonymous said...

my ex girlfriend used to pee on me and I thought it was cool. Never got the balls to have her crap on m