Friday, September 5, 2008

Headline of the day

Woman in 'shock' over giant zucchini

Daily News-It would make one hell of a salad.

A Queens woman has taken homegrown fruits and vegetables to a whole new level by cultivating a 6-foot-long zucchini in her backyard.

Green-fingered Apollonia Castitlione grew the giant Long Italian zucchini during the warm summer months using nothing more than fertilizer, water and a little TLC.

"I've had my vegetable garden for 26 years, but I never saw anything so spectacular," said Castitlione, who's 5 feet tall. "I didn't put Miracle Grow on it, nothing, just a little bit of 5-10-5 fertilizer, water and my time."

Castitlione, 48, said she noticed the giant fruit was growing longer than usual last month when it suddenly shot up a couple of inches in as many days.

Well this could be my perverted mind at it again, but I have never seen a women so happy for a giant vegetable. Hmmm... I wonder what she is going to do with the giant Long Italian zucchini? Which is a great name by the way. In the picture it already appears she has a close connection with it.

I wonder if she also has giant carrots, bananas, cucumbers, and squash?

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