Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Central Square really Tatoonie?

I'm not really sure if anyone has really been to Central Square in Cambridge, but you shouldn't go if you haven't. Its a fucked up place. Walking down the street along Mass Ave around 5pm, is like walking into the bar in Star Wars.At anytime you can witness some passed out on the sidewalk or somebody just urinated themselves. All the biggest fuck ups from all around the city just go there to hang out. I know why they are there, because there is a methadone clinic right outside my work. But when they are not getting high they are just sitting around on the sidewalks in Central Square drinking out of paper bags.

Where are the police? Oh they are there, but Central Square is a lawless land. And they can only worry about the worst criminals.
That is why when I walk to the T stop I just keep my head down and try not to make eye contact with anyone.Because last time I looked someone in the eye in Central Square he told me he had a death sentence in twelve star systems.

Don't get me wrong, I do hang out there a lot. Usually on Friday's after work, but that is only because it is convenient. Some people are into the Central Square scene. There are always weird bands that play at The Middle East. Every morning walking to work I always have to dodge throw up outside the place.
Usually when I go out there I always have to walk a girl to her car or to the train. There are just too many weirdos that will just stare at you with their vagina lips.
At all cost try and stay out of Central Square.

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