Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I guess you have to be a nun to be a Patriots cheerleader

I am still trying to find out why my blog is all F'ed up. But in the mean time, apparently the Patriots kicked a cheerleader off their squad because she drew all over a passed out person. I see nothing wrong about drawing "I love cock" on someone passed out. This chick is hot and will be tough shoes to fill.

Boston Herald--An 18-year-old New England Patriots [team stats] cheerleader was booted off the squad yesterday after pictures from Facebook surfaced that showed the Sharpie-packing pompom queen posing over a passed-out pal who has naughty words, pictures - and two swastikas - scrawled all over his face, arms and back.

Caitlin Davis and an unidentified pal appear to be writing on the unconscious prank victim and the words “penis,” ‘I’m a Jew’ and a pair of swastikas are clearly visible on his face, neck, arms and torso.

There are also a couple of pictures of the aforementioned male paraphernalia along with a list of words commonly used to describe that anatomical accoutrement. In fact, the gals’ slumbering buddy has the entire upper half of his body covered in graffiti, apparently applied while he, er, snoozed.“She is no longer with the squad,” Pats spokesman Stacey James told us.

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