Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guy in a suit smoking a cigarette gets owned by fake horse

This is the video of the day. This guy just can't make it up on that horse. Guys like this give white people a bad rap. He has ZERO ups. Literally this guy can't jump more than 2 inches off the ground. I don't care if he is drunk, learn how to jump.

— City police are still searching for the vandals who knocked over a fiberglass horse while attempting to mount it early Sunday morning.

"We've had no new leads, but we have a couple of things we're looking into," said Sgt. John Catone. Police hope to gain leads from a videotape of the vandalism that was released to the media.

Other vandals, who were never caught, broke the leg of TR the Realtor, a fiberglass horse owned by Roohan Realty on Broadway, over the summer.

The videotape came from a surveillance camera installed on the building by Roohan Realty after repeated damage to the statue.

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