Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Party?

Do people actually go and party on election night? I think I got a election party invite a while back, but I didn't even think twice about going. Its on a Tuesday night. I don't need to be going out drinking on a Tuesday night. I am not a spring chicken anymore, I can't just pop up with a hangover and be ready for a full day at work. I also can not think of anything more boring than waiting for polling stations to close. Have you ever seen the people that work at polling stations? They're old. Its like they recruit at nursing homes, no wonder why they can't seem to close. has a election party guide today. And at the end of it they had a poll, and I was shocked to see that 48% of the people said that they are going to a election party.

Am I missing out on a great party day? Could election day take the place of Cinco de Mayo? I doubt it. Until I hear about something great that happens at a election party I will pass.

Tomorrow night may be the day that I watch all the new episodes of the Hills that I have on my DVR.

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