Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Wins!

So I spend a lot of time bashing Americans for being dumb and arrogant. No way did I think they would ever elect a black man. I thought there was too much hate still left in this country, but I guess I was wrong.

Good for America. Maybe its not doomed as I thought. But time will tell.

I did get a kick out of Fox News last night. Every time McCain won a state is was a huge bulletin across the screen, when Obama won a state they quickly flashed it on the bottom. Also every time they showed the results from Arizona when Obama was leading the state, it went so quick I needed to rewind and pause it just to make sure that they were actually showing the numbers. Fox News knew if McCain lost Arizona it might as well be over from the beginning.

One more thing about last night. The new first lady dress was horrible last night. It looks like one of those dye packages from a bank robbery exploded on it. Maybe she can borrow some of Palin's clothes.

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