Thursday, November 20, 2008

I may be losing my mind, I think the Bengals might cover tonight

I have been super busy lately, but that not what this post is about. You can read the last post. I think me being so busy has started affecting my betting mind. I'm taking the Bengals tonight getting 11.5 points. Yes, I even know that Ocho Stupido has been suspended for tonight's game for over sleeping.

This season betting on the Bengals is like throwing money on double zero on a roulette table. You know its not going to hit, but when it does people look at you like you just pulled some Cris Angel shit on them.

So I am taking the Bengals tonight. Mostly because I just can't root for the Steelers. Not really because I hate the Steelers. Well I actually I do hate the Steelers players, but there fans are dicks. And that is coming from a dick Red Sox fan.

So the Bengals at +11.5, you can laugh at me tomorrow. I am praying for white out conditions in Pittsburgh tonight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for pick. As soon as I saw you rooting for white out conditions, I bet an action reverse Pittsburgh/Over. Thank you for the winner.