Sunday, November 20, 2016


Guess who's back in the muthaf#% house, with a big nose above his mutha#$% mouth!!??

With some urging from his squad and extra support brought in....TheLucky is back. We are hoping that you will once again be able to enjoy his conspiracy theories and second grade writing skills, but for now Mr. Tagnuts is here to get it started and am sifting through multiple applications to send forward to TheLucky to review and hopefully add a blogger or two that has intimate knowledge of this unique beast. So far, I have garnered promising interest from a man in California with some excellent insight into what drives TheLucky, but I decided to delay our initial conversation when he informed me he "just woke up naked on his couch [at noon and was] drinking leftover wine."

Coming Soon: 
A bunch of random shit and commentary from the perspective of a "normal" man and hopefully some odd news and theories from the man who started this all.

On Assignment: A full review of a high school 20 year reunion that I will be going on assignment to see what this experience is like for aging men.

Politics: How can you not be entertained and glued to the constant news of our future President's preparation to improve our country "Big League?" We will review his cabinet selections and of course feature his amazing twitter skills. We may be headed for calamity, but it's amazing content, and I am pretty sure we will shortly be able to write with no regard for political correctness or sensitivity to diverse groups (as long as we are nice to Kim Jong Un President-elect Trump).

Close the windows...lock the doors....because TheLucky is back to tickle his keyboard with useless information and immature/inappropriate humor!

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