Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Failure and a dumbass


NY Post---A dimwitted thief shouted from his apartment window that he knocked off a Bushwick bodega while calling cops "idiots" for grabbing the wrong guy, authorities said yesterday.

Raymond Gramby, 37, allegedly yelled, "It was me you idiots, you have the wrong guy!" as police led an innocent man to the deli on Bushwick Avenue where the theft occurred at 1:45 a.m. Monday.

Gramby had earlier swiped two bottles of Olde English malt liquor and tried to walk out of the store, but was stopped by the owner, sources said.

He pulled a knife and fled. Gramby was followed by cops all the way to his nearby seventh-floor apartment, but when a different man answered the door, officers accidentally grabbed him instead.

As he was led him down the street, Gramby opened his window and began his rant. He was arrested and charged with robbery, weapon possession and menacing.

I was debating if I can call this guy a dumbass. Maybe he just felt guilty that the wrong man was being arrested. But I will still stand by his dumbassness, because he could have handled the matter a little bit more professionally. Professionally I mean not calling police idiots.

I am actually more curious about the guy the police grab and were about to arrest. Did the police just grab a random black dude and tried to arrest him? The guy that did must live across the street, probably went in there all the time. How can they screw that up? Racial profiling anyone?

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