Friday, February 27, 2009

Dude in monkey suit?

Well, well, well. Another bigfoot story. This time a video. It comes from
Here is what they have to say.

In late July of last year, encouraged by the flurry of sightings, myself and a friend decided to venture into the wilderness just outside Rocky Mountain National Park to try and photograph the Yellow Top Bigfoot. We brought enough sparse supplies for two nights in the woods, as well as a digital still camera and a video camera.

We initially kept to the empty wilderness, thinking seclusion would be a better bet for a sighting. But after after two days and no luck, we decided to head back to our base camp through a way which skirted closer to the border of the Park and its trail system. Early in the afternoon, we decided to rest for lunch. My friend was taking a nap when I heard noises coming from the east of me. Something was walking, but with far more bulk than a deer or elk, and faster than a bear would walk. Before I could grab the video camera, the creature had walked into a small clearing not 50 yards away from me.

The sasquatch was much smaller than I had imagined, 6 1/2 feet tall at most, but perhaps shorter. It had a conical skull and deeply recessed eyes. It’s hair was a light-colored brown, with a slight reddish hue. I could clearly see from its genitalia, which was eerily human, that it was a male. The creature made no sound as it sat beneath a tree, and stayed there, nearly motionless.

For almost five minutes (although it seemed far longer than that), I attempted to retrieve the video camera from its case without disturbing the creature. I had successfully opened the zipper, but overzealously pulled on the velcro holding the top of the case shut. The sasquatch looked quickly in my direction, realizing our presence. Knowing my cover was blown, I quickly pulled the camera out of the case and turned it on….

To be sure, it was an incredible experience - one which sparked our desire to catalog the sightings of the Yellow Top Bigfoot and collect as much evidence as possible to prove its existence. This website will be the fruits of our efforts.

The truth, dear readers, will be forthcoming

Sounds good right? Lets dig a little bit. The site is registered to Noah Sodano. Noah is a 27 year old film maker. In 2008 he created a animated movie called "Abortion Earth". If you visit Noah's site, you can see he is into making new and different types of movies. I wish I could watch them from his site, because some of them actually might look funny. But one thing jumps out at me, is the movie with the guy in the giant dog suit.

He also has a blog. The blog only has one entry, and it is about the video. Seems like Noah is trying to create a buzz about himself or about his movie. This is nothing more than a hoax.

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