Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Patriots Quarterbacking

So the Pats traded Matt Cassel over the weekend, and threw in Mike Varbel as well. Some like myself were asking why didn't they more? Its apparent that they just wanted the cap space. Saturday trade that shipped Cassel and Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick (No. 34 overall) allowed the Patriots to clear Cassel's $14.65 million franchise tag fee off the books and $3.3 million of Vrabel's scheduled $4.3 million cap hit in 2009.Lending further credence to the idea that the trade was done in part with an eye toward clearing cap space is the fact that the Lions offered the first pick of the second round (No. 33 overall) straight up for Cassel, according to an NFL source.
I guess I agree with Bilichick on this one. Mike Varbel needed to go. He was bad for the last season and a half. He just couldn't cover tight ends or running backs out of the back field, and he just wasn't getting the pressure on the quarterback that we were use to be seeing. So I agree he was just taking up valuable cap room.

Now what I don't understand is this.
The Patriots, who were believed to have entered yesterday with somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-$16 million in cap room, wasted no time spending some of that money, re-signing safety James Sanders, arguably the team's highest-profile free agent once Cassel was franchised.

James Sanders, the highest profile free agent? Did I read this right. The human turnstile. The guy that I says plays wearing lawn spikes. The reincarnation of Lawyer Malloy (old version). If that is our big resigning with the cap space, then I think Bill may be losing it. How about resigning Vince Wilfolk. That will get my panties in a bunch.

Good luck to Cassel, come back after you marry a Brazilian supermodel.

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