Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boy is preforming miracles, ya right!

A BOY of nine is being hailed as a “Messiah” after allegedly performing miracle healings.

The Sun---Villagers claim Mohammad Ponari has cured raging fevers and debilitating illnesses — and even made a mute boy talk again.

At least 5,000 pilgrims a day now flock to be treated with Mohammad’s tonic — made by dipping a “magic stone” in water.

But Muslim leaders in Indonesia want to shut his “clinic” after four people died in a stampede.

The lad is said to have discovered his gift after he was hit by lightning.

He became convinced that an egg-shaped stone he found next to him had healing powers.

Police chief Sutikno told how he saw Mohammad cure the mute boy in Balongsari, East Java, saying: “Ponari shook him and they started fighting, then he began to talk.”

I love stories like this. This just proves that people are fucking nuts. Especially Muslims. Even if I was dying of AIDS I would not let this kid's sticky fingers touch me. Look at the kid, I betcha he still eats his own boogers.

The only thing that would make this story better was if the kid was an albino. Just so it can be even more like the movie Powder.

But hey, I do think its a good thing that people still believe in miracles. Because it gives people hope. I believe in miracles. Like me winning tonight's $212 million MegaMillions jackpot. But I have a theory about large jackpot winners. Once it gets over 200 mil, only old people win it. I can't explain this. Its like a twisted form of karma. Here is buckets over money, but you only have 7-10 years to spend it. Karma blows.


nad said...

hey you ass hole , muslims are not nuts this u will know after 2012.
and ppl like u in any religon are real ass holes. bull shit.

Anonymous said...

is this before or after you blow yourself up?