Monday, March 9, 2009

How's your Monday?

Well, my week started off with a bang!

First, it is cold and rainy outside. It finally turned to snow after I got to work. I rather have snow, then rain, because I hate rain. And this is on the heals of back-to-back 60 degree days.

Second I have no hot water. My hot water water heater broke.

How do I know my hot water heater broke? Because when I woke up this morning there was a old man that greeted me in my kitchen this morning while I was only wearing my boxers. And this old gentleman was my neighbor who at the time was informing me that my water heater was leaking into his bedroom. Who let him in? Oh, he let himself in because my roommate has issue with the whole key into lock and then turn technology. Apparently he can not figure how modern locks work. He thinks slamming the door hard enough the locking mechanism in the door turn. This has never worked in the past, but he continues to try.

So lets recap. Its raining and snowing, I have no hot water, and a old guy broke into my place to greet me in my underwear to inform me that I have no hot water. Awesome

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