Tuesday, March 3, 2009

theLucky answers

So a new thing I wanted around here was to answer some people's questions. Where else but to answer people's question than on Yahoo Answers.

If you never seen it before, people submit a question any then people answer it. Sounds simple, right. Since I am filled with such great knowledge I might as well use it for the good of society. So I'll try and do one a day. After a quick scan I found this question.

What do you do if you have the runs and feel like your going to throwup?

my family has gotten sick and now i have it but they threwup so much until they were dehydrated and its been half the day and i still havent got sick and as i menchened i have had the runs atleast 3 times today What DO I DO?

theLucky's response: Bro, you need to get some good *** reading material. Set up camp in the shitter. Bring in some gatorade (because your dehydrated), maybe some snacks, and those reading materials. Just sit on the throne and let it all come out.

If you can get a TV close to the bathroom even better.

Go to the store get some nice soft toilet paper. Becareful of the names of the brands of TP. Sometimes you will get a brand like Angel Snow toilet paper that should be called Blooded Hemorroids, because its like sand paper. Do a squeeze test on the TP before buying.

Also since your toilet is going to get destroyed get some of that blue water **** for the toilet. This will make it harder to actually see whats coming out of your ***, which is probably nothing good. Get one of the toiler brushes to, because splatter may go everywhere.

Make sure you avoid places like Taco Bell, unless your into the runs. Sometimes in the beginning on the month when I get all my magazines subscriptions I just eat nothing but Taco Bell because I have to do all that reading. Its up to you. Best of luck

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