Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is why your fat

So in my non-stop hatred towards fat people I found this great website called This is why your fat. Its a very simple site with pictures of just over the top gross foods. The only thing I actually thought might be a good idea was the chocolate dipped bacon.

Everything else is just ridiculous. Its not like I am a crazy heath nut or anything, just sometimes its good to eat a salad.

Here are five items on the site that made me cringe. In no particular order. And all from their website.

Bacon Beeritos

“Secret meat,” rice, beans, bacon and All-Malt Porter mixed together. Bake with Porter-marinated bacon then wrap in Porter-soaked tortillas and additional Porter-marinated bacon strips. Finally, dip in beer-batter and deep fry.

Anything with "secret meat" and ends in itos is not a combination that my stomach wants to tackle.

Bacon And Fudge Danish Breakfast Sandwich

I like bacon, danish pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and sometimes fudge. But not at one time. Fudge should not be part of anyones breakfast.

The Kannbial

Three meat patties, one beef sausage, one ham sausage paddy, one fried egg and sliced ham covered in minced beef sandwiched in an over-sized bun.

Oh, is this food. It looks likes a whore's vagina on the rag.


Does someone really need bacon flavored mayonnaise?

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger

Giant burger between two large meat pizzas, eggs, bacon, and pepper jack cheese.

They jumped the shark with the eggs. I don't even see them and I don't think that is a good thing. This is beyond ridiculous how do you even attempt to eat this. I farted just typing this.

I would like to see CHG Food blog try and make one of these dishes. Apparently all she eats is McDonalds. So she may want to start off with the McGangBang. Which just sounds hilarious.

Or the Big Mac with Chicken and Cheese.

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