Friday, March 20, 2009

Women's fashion that I don't get

I love women. But sometimes some of their fashion trends boggle my mind. Here are some examples.
Rubber boots: Ok, wheres the flood? Seriously wheres the flood? Every chick that lives in a climate that gets more than 2 inches of rain a year has a pair of these obnoxious boots. Yes, they may keep the rain out, but you look like a tool wearing them. Save these shit show shoes for when you basement floods.

Large Belly Button Rings: I should state that I like belly buttons rings, except the ones with something dangling. What the fuck are chicks thinking? Why do you need something protruding from your naval like the creature from alien.
I could see if this provided a valuable function like keeping lint out of there, but it doesn't. It just there to try and redirect attention to your stomach instead of your ugly face. Keep it simple ladies.

Multiple Ear Piercing: Once again I like chicks with ear rings, but I think there should be a limit of 2 piercing per ear. What the freak is wrong with some chicks? Do they aspire to look like they came out of the jungle. Whats the next big fashion trend rings around the neck?Unless the chick is goth or emo, chicks shouldn't have more than two things in one ear.

Tattoos: My honest opinion is that chicks shouldn't have any tattoos. Women are just beautiful the way they are and don't need graffiti all over them. But its OK to have a small tat or two. However, any chick with a tramp stamp (AKA ass antlers) or anything around their vag is a whore. No if's, and's, or but's about it. When I see a chick with a tramp stamp I try and get on that shit because she is easy. And when I am downtown and notice that a chick has a tat next to her pussy I wrap my shit up immediately. Because both of these are the mark of the whore. Ladies, please do not get tattoos in these areas if you are not a whore. Because I will stereotype you no matter what.

Flip flops in the work place: There is totally a double standard when it comes to flip flop wearing. Chicks can totally get away with wearing flip flops to work, guys can not. So I don't want to hear how your feet hurt because you are wearing some shoe that you paid too much for and can only be worn with that dress. I wear shoes that I don't want to wear everyday to work, so deal with it. I am.

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