Thursday, March 26, 2009

So a bobcat walks into a bar

Bobcat walks into Ariz. bar, attacks patrons

Boston Herald A bobcat has attacked three people in the central Arizona community of Cottonwood, including two men who were bitten by the animal after it wandered inside a bar.

Officers called to the Chapparal Bar arrived to find the bobcat in the parking lot, where they shot and killed it.

Tests were ordered to determine if the animal was rabid. It wasn’t clear how seriously the victims had been wounded.

Cottonwood police say the animal attacked Monday when it scratched a woman who thought she had hit it with her car. Then police got a report of a bobcat acting aggressively toward a woman outside a Pizza Hut.

This sounds like a bad joke. Just like the bad joke about when a horse walks into a bar. Usually when a cougar walks into a bar it's a good thing. Specially if you end up with scratch marks on you by the end of the night. But seriously what was this cat thinking? It was hit by a car and wanted pay back, I can see that. But the first rule of bar fighting is wait for the person to exit the bar before you start shit. If you don't wait its going to get broken up before it really gets going. Or in this case, you get shot by the police.

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