Friday, March 13, 2009

Swamp gas is looking for burgers again

Colorado rancher blames aliens for cattle mutilations

LAS ANIMAS - A rancher in southern Colorado has an out of this world theory for what killed one of his cows.

"We have other life out there and I think that's what it is," Mike Duran said.

Duran says he's noticed strange lights flying overhead and he believes aliens may be to blame for mutilating one of his cows.

"Like a round circle in the air," Duran said. "I've watched them and then they just disappear."

His ranch is near the town of Weston, which is about 20 miles west of Trinidad.

Duran says his cow was found dead with her udders and reproductive organs missing. He says there were no tracks near the body.

The cow was last seen alive on Friday and found dead on Sunday.

He believes aliens abducted the cow, carved it up and dropped it back by the river.

Duran claims the same thing happened in the same field in 1995.

"It's just a shock that it's happened again," he said.

He's reported both incidents to the Las Animas County Sheriff's Office, but investigators have not been able to solve either case.

"It's one of those unsolved mysteries, I guess," he said.

That fucking swamp gas. Why won't it leave the poor cattle alone?

Colorado seems to be the hot bed for cattle mutilations. They happen all over, pretty much any part of the world with a large cattle population has seen mutilations. There so common that I am surprise this story even made the press. But I think it was the whole "aliens did it" thing that made it a little different from the usually story.

There are only two possible outcomes on what is happening two these cows. Either the government is conducting some secret testing on cows during the cover of night, or it is a giant cloud of swamp gas.

The garbage that we get fed on why this stuff is happening is just ridiculous. In every case someone always blames scavenger animals. However, in every case this is no footprints leading to the carcass. Only certain body parts are removed such as: sexual organs, eyes, ears, tongues, blood, and soft organs. Everything else is left in tact. And the removal of these parts can only be described as done with laser precision. If these were scavenger animals then it would look like the animal was torn apart, which is not the case. Also around many of these carcass high amounts of radiation have been found in the soil. So much radiation that grass won't even grow, or if the animal has been there for a while real scavenger animals won't even touch it.

So the big question is why cows? And the answer is obvious, cow blood and human blood are incredibly similar. So similar that if there was ever a great shortage of human blood, cow blood would be as a replacement. So it makes you want to think, why does someone or something need human blood?

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