Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I don't get this whole African American name thing

One thing I don't get about living in American is how its politically incorrect it is to call a black person a black person. Watching any news or pretty much anything with a black person they are called an African American. I have some issues with the term African American. White people are called white people. When was the last time you were watching the news and they were describing a person and they called a white person a Caucasian. Doesn't happen often, or at all. But, when describing a black person they have to refer to him as a African American, because if they don't people will take offense. I just don't see what the big deal is?

So lets look at the country of Africa. Its a freaking big place. So lets say that a person of Egyptian decent came to America a couple of hundreds of years ago. His original roots were from Africa, but now he is an American. Could he be called an African American? No, because he is not black, he is brown. He would get ostracized from the black community. Same thing goes if a white person that lived in South Africa all his life and then moved his family to the US. He was an African and now he is an American. But no way can you call him a African American.

So pretty much I have assumed that African American=black colored skin. Even though you could have African descents and be an American and not black. I just don't understand why we just can't call black people, black people. You never hear white people getting offended when they get called white instead of Caucasian. Black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue whatever they are just adjectives to describe a person. If I am out at a bar I will say "hey look at that blond over there". Its not like I will say "hey look at that Anglo-Saxon female over there". It just sounds stupid. And I guess this is getting to my point. When will we be able to drop the African American term? I think its term that is just being kept around to remind us that black people's ancestors were once slaves. Its time to evolve. Slavery happened a long freaking time ago, all the participants are not remotely around today. I'll admit there is still a lot of racist people out there. But most of these people are old or just plain ignorant. And who really listens to the old and ignorant now-a-days.

At some point I wish we could get rid of the term African American completely, and just be Americans that have white, black, brown, or whatever on the outside. Is this too much to ask? Maybe I don't travel to much, but I am update on current events. I have never heard the terms Afro-Europeans, Afro-French, Afro-Germans, African-Italians, Afro-Latino, and for god sake defiantly not Afro-Irish. These are all real terms, but in their respective countries they are just called black what evers.

Our new President is label as African American. But his mom was white, doesn't that make him Caucasian too? I don't know? But you will never hear him referred as a Caucasian, only as a African American. I hope that one day everyone sees everyone as just humans. Only defining them with simple adjectives like black, white, short, hairy, or smelly. But unfortunately for this to happen we will need to go through a drastic event that would jeopardize all of humanity. And then, and only then will people will realize that all humans are brothers and sisters.

I hope this didn't come off as a racist posts. I love all people EXCEPT fat people. Especially fat Americans. The world would be better off with fewer fat people. The earth would spin faster, and my work day would be shorter.
Bonus: fat person stuck in ditch video.


Anonymous said...

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theLucky said...

You are probably a fatty.

Anonymous said...

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