Monday, March 16, 2009

Shit fight

Even tough guys shit themselves. Anyone that eats a lot of Mexican food knows that sometimes when you try and fart afterwards that there is a chance of some bonus time. You know those farts that you just underestimate. You think its a small to medium size fart but when you squeeze it out its actually a turd napalm. A small control explosion of anal burning squirt.

The napalm usually follows a facial expression that can best be describe as somewhere in the middle between seeing a ghost and accidentally catching your parents in the middle of doggy style.

I really think this is why dudes started to underwear in the first place. As a first layer of defense against the squirt. It happens to everyone. The best advice is just to go on like it didn't happen, like the guy in video. Just play dumb, and say it was already there.

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