Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids 'crossing croc-infested waters' to get to school in Northern Territory

Australia---CLAIMS children from a remote Aboriginal community must walk through a crocodile-infested billabong to get to school will be investigated the Northern Territory Government.

A caller from Palumpa, about 375km southwest of Darwin, said on ABC radio that students brave the dangerous waterway every day of the wet season. The caller said a ferry service had in the past been used to get the children to school, but was cancelled because it was considered too dangerous. NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson today said it "was the first I've heard of that". But he said he'd look into the claims and "would get right onto" them as a matter of priority. "I don't know what the issues are, it hasn't been raised with me," he said. "Obviously if there are safety issues that's something else, but we will find any way we can to get those kids to school.

These kids need to shut the hell up! Oh, they have to fend off crocodiles when going to school, boo hoo. When I went to school we didn't have half the shit the kids today have. Kids now-a-days have computers in the class rooms. Yes, we did have computers in my school but they had floppy disk drives. Kids today probably don't even know what a floppy disk drive is! The Internet, there was no Internet. If we had to look something up, then we had to use books. Kids today have no idea how inconvenient it is to look something up in book. Especially when you go to the library and find that someone ripped out the page that you needed. What do you do then, nothing because your fucked!

We didn't have computers with Word so that we could type our papers. We had to use typewriters. If you fucked up, guess what you start over. Kids now can send text messages to each other while in class. We were force to pass notes. This was like using the Pony Express. You send the letter off having no idea if it will ever make there, or how many times the wrong person will read it before it gets to its destination.

I admit, at least when I was in school there was never any threats of kids going barzerk and shooting up the place. Arguments were settled in the Warriors fashion, with your fists. You meet after school and duke it out. Now kids are such pussy's that they send hate mail on someones myspace account or try and blow up the school.

I don't feel bad for these kids at all. They should just use google earth and find a better route. And their Aborigine shouldn't they know how to speak crocodilian or something.

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