Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Return of theLucky

HEY I'm back! Did you really think I was gone for good? Nah. Where did I go for the last two months? Well I wish I could say that I went to some blogger Dagobah System and learned some blogger force. Like how to photoshop, how make my own videos, or to take a writing classes or two. But no, none of that shit happened.

But I am official back now. I have made some changes along the way. First off the blog looks different than last time I left it. The black color was just too depressing. I will also be changing the format a little bit. Adding some daily links on what I am reading. Changing up my blog list, and some minor add ons. I also will not be making fun of my gay roommate anymore. Well he is not gay, just curious. So this may be the last time I get to post this picture.
Unless he does something really gay, then all bets are off.

Its been two months, lots of stuff I need to catch up on. Lets get this shit flowing again!

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