Friday, April 17, 2009

Is it funny when your friend looks like a killer?

So the biggest news story around town is about this Craigslist killer. The guy that looks up prostitutes on craigslists and then tries to rob them. But he also killed one to, so there is a major man hunt for this guy.

The only known photos of this guy come from grainy security cameras, and the pictures show a resemblance to my friend. Killer below.

The thing is my friend is acting strange too. He had no response when I offered free Red Sox tickets to him. Who turns down tickets? Deep down I know its not him, because he is happily married, and the guy in the pictures looks to be 6ft tall or over. While my friend is only like 5'4" or 5'5". But he does have the same jacket. As seen in this undated photograph, on the left.

So personally I think its hilarious when someone looks like a killer. Especially when it is someone that I know.


Anonymous said...

5'7", dick!

Anonymous said...

5'7" in stripper shoes!