Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So today...

Is my birthday. I actually sort of forgot was it until my dad called me to remind me. There will be no birthday rant like last year. For one, I am in a good mood today. There was not a dude sleeping in my room when I work up today, unlike yesterday. And its fucking 90 degrees today, which means chicks are finally shredding there winter clothes and getting their sexy on.

But the most important reason why I am not ranting on my birthday is because I do not want to feed the trolls again. Back in December I was at a bar. A bar I didn't even want to be at because I was so fucked up already I didn't even want to go out. But my friend talked me into it.

So at this bar there was a chick there that I "know". But I was so fucked up and the bar was so dark I didn't even realize she was there. I'm doing my thing, hanging out. As the night is winding down the bar is getting ready to close and they start turning on some lights. At that point I notice my lady friend, and she was crying. I guess she just got dumped and seeing me without me stepping up and saying hi was not the best thing for her. So I tried to be nice to her at the time, but she had a cunt friend with her.

Funny Pictures
This cunt friend was probably the drunkest person in the bar. At the time I saw my friend and her cunt friend. I was already engaged in a deep discussion with two hotties about Proust, Balzac, Kafka, and other great novelist. When all of a sudden the cunt friend tries to run a cock block.

Look I have been in many cock fights. Some I lose. But I have never had a chick try and cock block me before. So this was something new for me. The cunt cock blocking strategy was to attack my blog. I had no idea that cunt's even read theLucky, but more power to them. This cunt kept bringing up about what I wrote on my birthday last year. As if this was attempt to hurt my feelings. Look cunt, that shit happened over ten years ago, get some other dirt on me.

After realizing this attack was futile, and I was still talking to the two hotties. The cunt changed her strategy and went after the hotts, to inform them what a douchebag I am.

See awhile back in my blog I posted some quotes from crying girl. She was upset that I posted such sensitive material, so I deleted it. If you only read the first paragraph of what I wrote that day it looked like I was being a jerk and kicking a chick when she was down. And this was the angle the cunt was taking. But if anyone read the whole thing on what I wrote that day, I went into great detail on why I am, what I am today.

So the cunt tried telling my hotts that I will write about them in my blog. At this point I started getting mad. The bar was finally closing and it continued into the street. At some point I just turned and walked away.

But Fuck you cunt! You tried so hard to embarrass me that night, and you failed. My whole life is a embarrassment, so I got a chuckle out of you. And your futile attempts to cock block me failed too. I got the hot chick that I was talking to digits that night too. (with a little help) But you were right about one thing. I am a douche, because I never called her.

Now that I have that off my chest I am going to have a great fucking birthday!

EDIT NOTE: The picture at the top has nothing to do with my birthday, it just makes me laugh every time I see it.


Anonymous said...

For a goofy fuck that didn't get laid until he was 29 you sure talk quite a bit about kickin game with hotties. Glad to hear you finally found out what your dick is for. Better late than never!
Happy birthday you goofy fuck!

theLucky said...