Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Am I the only person that can't stand American Idol?

Not just American Idol, any reality TV based competition show. I don't understand why so many people watch this shit? I am tired of seeing it on the news or reading about it. Like today. is going to be in the "American Idol" finale? I honestly don't know, and I don't think the producers know, either. Simon tried his best to put the fear of God in Adam fans, because he's clearly afraid that Adam somehow won't make it -- despite the fact that he can out-Tyler Steven Tyler, and his Bono-sanctioned version of "One" puts Mary J. Blige to shame. (That, kids, is the definition of a "money note.") Adam wore a t-shirt that said "Rock" for good reason: This is who he is meant to be. Better yet, this is who he already is. He's the first contestant I've ever seen to arrive on the "Idol" stage a fully-formed star, out of his cocoon, out of the box, out of sight. If he doesn't win, as Simon has suggested, this will be a colossal tragedy. America has to know this.

If its not Idol then it is either Dancing with Washed up Celebrities with Boners.

Or You have Talent and Your Ugly.

Next Top Model or Project Runway or You Have Creepy Eyes.

The Last Comic Standing after a Kamikaze Attack.

So You Can Dance and Dress the Same.

There is just too many of these shows. Why they need to drag each one these on for weeks is just crazy. Is there just that much demand for American Idol contesting to spend a full night singing Tina Turner songs? Do people actually want to hear a dude sing Private Dancer?

I remember the days when we had one talent show, and it was awesome. Of course I am talking about Star Search. It was perfect. You had categories of singing, either by yourself or with a group, dancing, modeling, comedy, and even shit for little kids.

And it was mono e mono competition. You go against one person and if you win, you move on. Not this you vs a group of competitors crap. And you had judges that actually judge. Not a panel that just makes comments, which put the whole integrity of the show on 13 year old girls to text in who they like the best.

I think its time to dust off Ed McMahon and bring Star Search back.
Just look at this list of people who competed on Star Search.
And what has American Idol produced? The first two winners are so fat that Captain Ahab has been searching for them.
I hate American Idol.


Anonymous said...

you are so gay it is surprising to here you can't stand them. Figured you and your buddies had get togethers and watched these shows.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the writer's strike is actually over to still see this useless drivel on the screen still. Reality shows are nothing of the kind! They are nothing more than "open mike night" at a local bar just in a bigger venue. I can proudly say that I have never and will never watch these type shows.

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