Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picture of the day: Lesbian Beat Down

Boston Herald---P-town cops say Patten was drunk early Saturday when he got tossed out of Vixen nightclub and beat up two lesbians, one of whom was shoved through a window. Cops say Patten, a student at a New York college, spewed anti-gay slurs at the women during the incident outside the Post Office cabaret. He was arrested at the scene as an angry mob looked on, infuriated by his rant, police said.

Man nothing like a good ass kicking by a couple of girls. I just hope in his defense that these were the butchiest of butch lesbians. Because judging by the picture he got owned. If I was him I would tell everyone that they didn't fight fair, and kicked him in the groin. Because no one should look this bad after a fight with a girl.

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