Friday, May 8, 2009

Crazy sports week

Well it has been a busy sports week. Lets recap.

The Yankees continue to prove that they are pathetic, but getting swept by the Red Sox again. During that ass kicking they stole their fans money. The Yankees are now so desperate they are considering reburying Big Papi's shirt underneath the stadium.

Joba Chamberlin's (who strikes a similar resemblance to Brian Peppers) mom was arrested this week, for selling crystal meth.You can tell that Joba gets his good looks from his mom
But the Yankees should be righting there ship anytime now. Their fearless leader A-Rod, should be back in the lineup this weekend, after a rub down.

Brett Farve thought about coming back to football. Does anybody actually care? He is a washed up bum, that fucked up the Patriots playoff hopes last year because he threw 87 interceptions in the last three games.
Manny got suspend for 50 games for not being able to get a boner. Maybe he should try guys.
And in non sports news Drew Peterson finally got arrested. That only took four wives.

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