Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring time only means one thing, the return of the Montauk Monster

For the record I think calling this thing a monster is wrong. Just because it is ugly and we don't know what it is their is no reason that it should be branded as a monster. But anyways, this site is reporting that another strange animal that fit the description of previous animals has once again washed up on the shores of New York.

On Wednesday May 5th 2009, I was contacted by a couple that sent a message to the general e-mail box on this website claiming they think they’ve found what appears to be the Montauk Monster. Naturally, I questioned it thinking it was BS, but they seemed credible enough (after a phone conversation of course) to take an hour drive to Southhold and see it for myself up close and personal.

Upon discovery, it resembled what everyone saw last summer. This monster was located in Southold, NY on the Bay Area. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, this is the North Fork of Long Island. The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips.

The couple who tipped me off loaded the carcass into a garbage bag and took it home with them. We’ve been in correspondence numerous times and have agreed that for the remainder of the week, we’d keep this matter to ourselves. The remains are currently located in Southold in a cooler full of ice.

I wanted to think about the best way to expose this to the public. Since I own this medium, and have a genuine interest in the subject matter, I’d like to be the first to share this you. We did not contact any authorities as from previous experiences; the carcass has been taken from the finders or mysteriously “stolen”. If this is a genetic mishap from Plum Island, we’d like to sell the remains to an independent lab for study. It has become a race against the clock as the couple who originally found “Beastie” are diligently putting more ice into the cooler to keep the carcass fresh.

I wrote about this shit before, here and here. But go into more depth about it here.

Could it be that these are just raccoons that were washed out to sea? Maybe. But I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of these carcasses wash up around Montauk in the future.

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