Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is this story real?

2 Russian tourists challenge Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines

Mosnews.com---Two Russian tourists who challenged a Florida law prohibiting sexual relationship with a porcupine have had to undergo a lengthy treatment for genital inflammation. Anton, 32, and Yevgeny, 30, residents of St. Petersburg, were spending their vacation in the United States with a group of friends, Life.ru website reports. At some point in their journey, the two got hold of a booklet listing the weirdest US laws. Since they were in Florida, their attention was drawn to a Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines. After a good deal of whiskey, the Russians felt curious about what might have prompted the law, and went in search of the animal. Within one hour, a porcupine was found, and Anton and Yevgeny were drunk and brave enough to take off their pants and approach it. The next morning, both were standing at the Cedars Sinai clinic in Los Angeles, where amazed doctors plucked porcupine needles from their penises. Had the two not fled from Florida quickly enough, they would have had to face the law they had breached. Back in Russia, both men had to undergo a lengthy treatment of inflammation caused by the porcupine needles. Obviously, the two learned nothing from the story of the Russian man who in January lost half of his penis after trying to force a raccoon into oral sex.

A)How did the law banning sex with porcupines come about?

B)Why would someone ever want to challenge this law?

C)Why is there so many Russians in Florida, and why does the craziest shit always happen in Florida? Probably because of the Russians.

D)Why were the Russians drinking whiskey instead of vodka?

E)It only took an hour to find a porcupine? I have never seen a porcupine in my life, and I have looked.

F)How did they not think the quills would end up piercing their privates?

G)How do you flee a state as big of Florida quickly with porcupine quills on your dick?

As you can tell I find this story very unbelievable. But if true, I am all for sterilizing the dumb so that they can't reproduce more offspring. But in this case looks like they already did that.

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