Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas shopping is killing me, literally

So I have giving up trying to find my mom that special gift. Its been to hard to find, plus I have been freezing my ass off in the woods each weekend trying to catch the stupid thing.

I thought ordering gifts online would save me some money, because every time I go to the mall I end up buying something for myself. I ordered about 12 different things from, what I didn't realize until checkout is that each item is coming from a different location, which required each item to have its own shipping cost. But fuck it, it probably tripled my costs but it saves me from walking around a mall.

But I did have to go to the mall yesterday. I was hoping that going to the mall someone would call me with a bar crawl to go on, like last weekend. But no. After buying some little nic nacks and Xmas cards, I ended up at Williams Sonoma. I figured I could at least get some peppermint bark for myself, but no those cock suckers were out of it. But I did see a set of Rooster dinnerware that would be great for my mom's new kitchen. And at her age she could use the extra cock around the kitchen.

After buying this dishware I knew it was going to be heavy, and it was. At least Williams Sonama have some fancy bags to make it easier, but it was still heavy. So I lugged this shit home. I noticed that during the walk my fingers felt a little tingly, but I just figured that the way I was holding one of the bags it was just cutting off the circulation to my fingers a little. But now one full day later I still have numbness in my finger tips from carrying this cock set home. I feel that this numbness is somehow related to my neck nerve pain, but its just a pain in the ass. I thinking it will go away on its own, but it just adds to my disliking of x-mas shopping.

And on something completly random, how did Umass beat Kansas?

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