Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 10 Christmas gifts I ever got

So even though I am not a fan of Christmas I did get some good gifts through out the years. Here is my list of the 10 best gifts I ever got for Christmas.

10. Loud Ass Computer SpeakersNow this is really one isn't really about gift, its how I used the gift. My roommate who lives below me has the same hours as a vampire. He went through a stretch of time when ever single weekday night he would come home and blast music from his room. So just about every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night my bed would vibrate from the bass of his music. I had two roommates moved out because of this. And I have permanent nerve damage in my neck from constantly trying to sleep while holding pillows down on my head.
So for a recent x-mas I asked for speakers that could kick out as much bass as humanly possible. It was time for me to return the favor. However, one night I did get in trouble with my neighbors. I passed out at my desk with the speakers really loud. My neighbors couldn't comprehend how anyone could sleep through that. Try about 20 beers.

9. Transformers

There wasn't one specific Transformer that stands out. I just thought they were all really cool. And they still are. Its really two toys in one. You have a car or something, and then you have a robot. A toy that will stand the test of time.

8. IpodThe Ipod is just one of those things now that I can't imagine living without. I'm not sure what year I first got my Ipod, but it has changed my life. Remember those clunky tape cassette and CD players, how did we carry those things around? Especially while exercising. The Ipod is up there with the wheel.

7. Season Skiing Pass to Nashoba Valley

Ah, I remember the days of being a youth. For one whole skiing season I think I skied everyday. Nashoba Valley can't be called a mountain. More like a Ski bump. Or most places bunny hill. But as a young teenager this was awesome. I was never that good at skiing but for one year of my life I was a little ski brat. I also learned the embarrassment of riding down the hill in one of those medic ski patrol sleds, after I got the wind knocked out of me trying to do some trick off a jump. Years later I found out that midnight sledding at Nashoba was a lot more fun.

6.George Foreman Grill
Even to this day I still use a Foreman Grill. But in college this gift was king. I think at one point in everybody's life they owned a Foreman Grill.

5. Tecmo Bowl
Tecmo Bowl changed sports game forever. It was the first time I could remember that real life players were actually being used in video sports game. This game was more addictive than crystal meth. I would having sleep overs at my friends house and just playing this game all night. Bo Jackson was just retarded. Tacklers would just bounce off him. The only way to slow him down was to pick the exact play. Which wasn't hard, you had a 25% chance of getting it right.
4. BikeNow my first real bike was some BMX bike. I can't really remember too much about the specifics. But its more about what I accomplished on the bike than the actually gift. Getting a bike allowed me to go places where I could never walk to. Which got me into a lot of trouble as a kid. I think growing up I was banned at one point or another in hanging out with all my friends. I guess their parents thought I was a bad influence or something. But I really wasn't that bad or anything. Its not like I burned my house down or anything.

3. Commador 64

My first computer. I still remember the thing like it was yesterday. Mostly because I think it was faster then my current computer. The ability to play games and to write something without a typewriter, fucking genius.

2. Intellivision
I am really showing my age now with this gift. Most people at the time went with the Atari gaming system. Not me I went with Intellivision, and its paddle style control. In hindsight probably a bad move, since Atari took off. But I loved intellivision. Spend so many long hours playing it, because it didn't save so how else were you going to get the high score. This is just like the Lexus commerical. But I am still waiting for someone to buy me a car.

1. GI Joe Aircraft Carrier

This gift rocked. More like it was a rock. It was 7 feet long and once it was together you couldn't move it. But seriously, not too many kids had the aircraft carrier so it was a cool as gift. I loved GI Joe's so this was the apex of my collection. You know that a GI Joe vehicle kicks ass when its not in the top 20 of stupidest GI Joe vehicles. My only complaint (besides that it couldn't be moved) is that it only came with one guy. Whats the deal with that? One guy to operate the whole boat? Only in GI Joe world. Good thing Cobra Commandos aren't a good shot.


Anonymous said...

You may have not burned your house down, but you did manage to burn over an acre of land and an abandoned house. Maybe that's why my parents never banned me from hanging out with you. You are good Mike after all.

Anonymous said...

Wow. that aircraft carrier was something every kid asked for but noone got, If I knew you had it I would have hung out with you earlier. Ahhhh, probibably not, i would have just waited until you were the kid who's mom went out of town every month.