Friday, December 19, 2008

Work Holiday Party Tonight

Drunk At The Office Party
Here is a quick demonstration on how to get fired in 1 minute. We all talk about people, but you sure do feel dumb when you get caught. Especially on camera...

Ah, there is nothing like the company's Holiday Party to make it feels like the holidays. I am going into this party in 5th gear. I am going to get drunk, and I don't care if I make a ass out of myself. I could careless about my actions. I am a fucker that goes to meetings with a resignation letter ready to drop, if shit hits the fan.

The best news is that we our about to get dumped on by at 12 inches of snow. The local weather station is reporting that we should be getting 1-2 inches of snow/hour when the party is kicking off. This should keep all the stiff MD's and Ph D's away. And let the real partiers have fun.

But I can guarantee that I will not be the drunkest person there. That always goes to my friend. I am not sure how she will top last years performance. She made out with a dudes wife, got kicked out by security and on the way out she barfed. Not only did she make out with somebody's wife, but when I was walking back to my table to scarf down some California rolls and spicy yellow fin tuna, I ran into her and ask where her date was. She promptly tried to make out with me at that time. I wasn't having it. I learned my lesson a while back no P.D.A with co-workers in front of other co-workers.

So let it snow! Bring that shit, and let the alcohol flow!

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