Thursday, December 4, 2008

MBTA continues to fuck with commuters

I am a "T" rider. This is how I get around. Mostly on the Redline. I have giving my thoughts about the MBTA before. But one thing I would like to add about the MBTA is that its a fucking scam.

So for a typical fare it is suppose to be $2 for one way. Fine. However, you can not just put $2 into the machine for a one way ticket. You must deposit at least $5 in, even if you just need a one way ticket. So now you have $5 worth of credit to ride the MBTA. So now you do 2 rides at $2 each way. There is still that $1 that is unaccounted for, and can not be used. So for every round trip ticket someone buys the MBTA is stealing a $1 from you. You can not get this dollar back. This is a fucking scam. The MBTA headquarters are actually in Nigeria. Here is them at work.
But now this.

T removing Red Line seats

Boston Herald--Red Line riders will be packed like cattle starting Monday as part of an MBTA plan to herd more passengers into already crowded cars by ripping out seats in the region’s overloaded subway system, the Herald has learned.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will run Red Line trains with two retrofitted cars that will leave only four seats on each for elderly and disabled users, according to a state official briefed on the plan.

We pay enough money to ride the stupid T, we should have leather seats on those trains. But no, they are taking away our FREAKING SEATS! Now this won't really affect me too much, I like to stand, but I am worried about the fat people. What are they going to do. They can't stand for a 90 second T ride. Fat people are going to be dropping dead on the trains now. And you know who going to be doing CPR on these fat people? Not me. Because there was only 3 people in my class that failed CPR training and I was one of them. So don't look for me for support.

This is another stupid idea by the MBTA, still not as stupid as removing the turnstiles and adding those ridiculous electronic gates. Yes, the Redline does get crowded at times during rush hour, but its not like riding the subway in some communist country.

Or even worse Japan.

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