Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strange stuff with deers

I was recently reading about this weird story about a deer that jump through a window in a 4th grade class and kicked a boy in the head, and thought strange shit always happens to deers.

4th grader injured when deer jumps through class window

COOPERSVILLE, MICH. (WZZM) - Sometimes the children see deer near the Coopersville Schools Complex, but never this close.

"There is this loud crash and I see glass flying," says 4th grade teacher Leslie Venlet. "And there was this deer standing there looking at me straight in the eye and I thought 'Oh my gosh'."

The big, 6 point buck interrupted class near the end of the day at Coopersville East Elementary School.

10 year old Drake McKinley has a small cut on the head after the deer accidentally kicked him in the head while he sat at his desk.

These are some trail cam pictures with some strange orb flying around.


The flying milk bottles.

The Milk bottles look a lot like this object. Which was also trying to take the picture of deers.

A deer with dingleberries all over.
If you remember the Stephenville case from the beginning of this year. Here is a video of beam of light around a deer feeder.

And of course, how can you forget the deers that drop out of the sky.

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